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Donate historical photographs

Although there are already thousands of historical photographs on our online database and a few thousand more waiting to be processed and uploaded to the rePhotoSA site, there are nevertheless several areas of southern Africa that contain no to relatively few historical photographs. These gaps need to be filled. We are also in need of historical photographs from urban centres where interest and the density of historical images are likely to be greater.

If you have clear and undamaged historical photographs (up until the end of the 20th century) of southern African landscapes, and would like to donate the use of the photographs to the rePhotoSA project then please Contact us. We will scan, digitise and publish the historical photographs on our online database in terms of a signed agreement with you under a Creative Commons license. The original photographs and scanned images will then be returned to you.

Note that we accept slides, prints, negatives and newspaper clippings. The more information attached to these images the better but the most important information that we require is a date and location.

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