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Become a donor

A project such as rePhotoSA has several ongoing running costs, which include the maintenance and development of the rePhotoSA website, external digitisation of large (100 000 photographs or more) historical photographic collections through UCT libraries, online storage space for the digital photographs, buying new equipment such as computers and scanners to effectively digitise photographic collections to a particular standard and so much more. A project such as rePhotoSA also requires the employment of a project coordinator to:

  • scan, digitise and publish the thousands of historical photographs at the Plant Conservation Unit,
  • collate metadata for each photographic collection,
  • organise and publish the repeat photographs at the Plant Conservation Unit,
  • marketing of the project through, for example, business cards, merchandise, popular articles, social media platforms,
  • get involved in citizen science days, which includes travel costs and accommodation,
  • get involved with photographic clubs and societies for marketing purposes,
  • field trips to demonstrate repeat photography to citizen scientists, and
  • analysis and interpretation of repeat photographs across southern Africa with the potential for academic publications (please see our current list of Publications involving repeat photography).

As a research unit, we require funding to cover the abovementioned costs. If you would like to support the rePhotoSA project financially please go to the UCT 'Ways to Give' page. Here you will have the option to donate a once off, monthly, or annual gift. It is important that you enter Plant Conservation Unit under 'specify another project' to identify where the funds should be transferred to. All donations to UCT are tax deductible under Section 18A of the Income Tax Act as amended. Once the payment has been processed, please send 'proof of payment' to the rePhotoSA project coordinator (rephotosa@gmail.com) or directly to Ms Cindy De Oliveira (giving@uct.ac.za).

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Prof. Timm Hoffman, Director of the Plant Conservation Unit, via timm.hoffman@uct.ac.za or 021 650 5551, or the project coordinator as detailed above.

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