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Item 1 Photo-1

Item 1 Description-1

Item 2 Photo-2

Item 2 Description-2

Item 3 Photo-3

Item 3 Description-3

Item 4 Photo-4

Item 4 Description-4

Item 5 Photo-5

Item 5 Description-5

Item 6 Photo-6

Item 6 Description-6

Item 7 Photo-7

Item 7 Description-7

Item 8 Photo-8

Item 8 Description-8

Item 9 Photo-9

Item 9 Description-9

Item 10 Photo-10

Item 10 Description-10

Item 11 Photo-11

Item 11 Description-11

Item 12 Photo-12

Item 12 Description-12

Item 13 Photo-13

Item 13 Description-13

Item 14 Photo-14

Item 14 Description-14

Item 15 Photo-15

Item 15 Description-15

Item 16 Photo-16

Item 16 Description-16

Item 17 Photo-17

Item 17 Description-17

Item 18 Photo-18

Item 18 Description-18

Item 19 Photo-19

Item 19 Description-19

Item 20 Photo-20

Item 20 Description-20

Item 21 Photo-21

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Welcome to rePhotoSA

This project encourages you as the public or 'citizen scientist' to contribute to an understanding of how South Africa's environment has been changing and is continuing to change. This is done by comparing two photographs of the same view, taken at different times, and then recording the major changes that have taken place between the photos. This approach is called 'repeat photography'.

Read more about repeat photography in the About section, or begin browsing our photographic database here to look for images in your area, for which you can take repeat photos and help increase our collection of repeat photographs. You might just discover some enchanting images from places in your distant past.

If you have a collection of interesting historical images of southern Africa, with very good records about the location and date of each photograph, please get hold of us. We would like to fill in the 'gaps' on the map so that we have historical images representative of most of southern Africa.

rePhotoSA is a collaborative citizen science project between the Plant Conservation Unit and the Animal Demography Unit at the University of Cape Town.

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